Artist's Statement

Brooklyn: Portrait of a Borough

The return to Brooklyn as subject matter pays homage to the place the artist was raised. Long walks through the neighborhoods provide the photographer opportunity to travel the world within one NYC borough. Direct and honest depictions of the diverse cultures and abundant street life confirm for the artist a vision that stresses commonality rather than differences.

Without a plan of what will and will not be included, one thing leads to another, with the photographer making choices as places and events unfold. Relevance can be found throughout: the faces, social scenes, store windows, boardwalk benches and walls of graffiti.

Living In Light

Living in Light is an environmental portrait series that enters the everyday lives, at once ordinary and extraordinary, of the artist's family. Through close relationships with the subjects, this body of work reflects an intimacy with their lives and rituals at home, in the community, and participating in their religious observances.

People and Portraits

Gail has been photographing people since the 1960's. Intimate close-up street portraits comprise this current body of work.

These are images of young people on the streets of New Paltz, NY and elderly people on the streets in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Repeat photographing of two of the young women resulted in portraits taken in the studio, as was the portrait of the elderly woman with white hair — the artists mother. Whether on the street or in the studio, time is taken to interact with each person and for both photographer and subjects to get comfortable, and the results are these intimate portraits.

Still Lifes & Flowers

Still Lifes and Flowers are bodies of work begun in 2006, with a desire to display things commonly overlooked. The images are inspired by European Master Painters of the 17th century, in their use of natural light and its affect on color, texture and form. What better way to reflect on the nature of existence than to take time out to tune in to the beauty of a flower and to the stillness and serenity of still life arrangements.


South of France — Trekking through narrow stone streets of 14th century villages in the Luberon region in Provence inspired this series of images. The Luberon is well known for its medieval hilltop villages, monasteries and cathedrals. Enchanted by the light, colors and textures of these stone villages and architectural structures made photographing the region magical.